Dance Bazaar  - live folk music for barn dances, ceilidhs, Playford dances, concerts, circle dances, celebrations, musicians' workshops ...........We'll arrange a caller on your behalf - or you can book a caller directly, if you prefer.

About  Us

Dance Bazaar is a jolly group of musicians based around Wiltshire, Bath and Bristol.

We love to play traditional folk music from many different countries. Our repertoire includes music from Britain, Ireland, Scandinavia, France, Eastern Europe and the Middle East..... 

If you'd like some live, traditional music for your event please get in touch.  We can arrange a dance caller on your behalf or you can book a caller directly if you prefer.

Dance Bazaar can also perform with guests such as soloists, choirs or other performers depending on the event.   We're always happy to discuss your requirements.

Our Line Up

We have up to seven members. Instruments include concertina; fiddles; recorders; accordion; guitar; percussion; flute; bassoon; clarinet and french horn.

r directly,

What people have said....

"Thank you for a lovely, special evening" Steph.

"What a fantastic band"  Stephanie's friend.

"A smashing evening of music and dancing. Thanks."  Kath

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